Omelets have the same ingredients as the scrambled eggs. The major difference is due to manipulation during cooking. Normally, the pan and egg mixtures are keep in constant motion as the omelets cook. The pan in which the omelets are cooked should be well greased so that the omelets can be moved easily and turned onto the plate without breaking. Many variations may be developed from the plain with addition of cooked meat, vegetables and other dairy products. The omelets then takes the name of the garnish or accompanying itaem such as cheese omelets, mushroom omelets and etc.

Omelets are also served as luncheon and dinner items. They should be made to order and served immediately. They quickly lose their light fluffiness and long holding makes them tough and rubbery.

There are three basic methods of preparing omelets.
a)      Folded style
b)      Pancake style
c)      Rolled style

(A) Method of folded omelets          
  1. Break egg into mixing bowl. Blend the eggs just until the whites and yolks from a homogenous mixture. A small amount of milk, stock or water may be added to produce a moist. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Pour or ladle an appropriate amount of the eggs mixture omelets pan.  
  3. Keep the pan and the eggs into constant motion as the omelets cook. Use one hand to swirl the pan over the heat source and the other to stir and scrape the eggs from the pan’s bottom and sides. A wooden spoon is often used. 
  4. Cook the eggs to the point at which soft curds begin to from. Add any filling at this point. 
  5. When still wet on top but firmly set, fold half away from you and then fold another half back towards you, covering first fold and closing ends to a point to prevent any remaining liquid from flowing out.  Flip them to cook on the other side and place on the plate, garnish with an appropriate garniture.

(B) Method for pancake style omelets
  1. Blend the egg, adding any liquid and seasonings.
  2. Sauté any garnish ingredients, if appropriate. 
  3. Pour or ladle the egg mixture into a hot, oiled pan over the garnish. 
  4. Cook without stirring until the edge set. 
  5. Flip the omelets to cook out the other side or place in hot oven or salamander. 
  6. Place the omelets on warm plate with appropriate accompaniment.

(C) Method for rolled omelets
  1. Blend the egg, adding any liquid (milk, water or stock) and seasonings. 
  2. Pour the egg mixture in well-greased hot frying pan. Egg should set but not as firmly as in other procedures. 
  3. Start rolling egg away from you, starting at nearest side, using palette knife and quick backward snap of frying pan. 
  4. When completely rolled, let it cook for a while and invert on warm platter with appropriate accompaniments.

(Sumber: Mohd Zahari, S (2000) Culinary Arts 1, BIROTEKS UiTM Shah Alam)

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